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OQUIST Cosmetics

OQUIST Cosmetics

OQUIST are waterless and multifunctional cosmetics enclosed in mini masterpieces. Our waterless formulas allowed to create effective preservative-free products that protect the skin microbiome more effectively as well as are safe for ecosystems and aquatic environment once the product is used up. Formulas are intended for people at all ages, all genders and all skin types.


OQUIST Cosmetics

OQUIST Cosmetics 5-in-1 Amber

Balm nawilżająco-kojący balsam Green


OQUIST Cosmetics 5-in-1 Butter

nawilżające masło do ciała

OQUIST Cosmetics

Oquist Cosmetics, 6-in-1 Anti Aging

Serum przeciwstarzeniowe serum do twarzy Black

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